PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Sun, tropical beaches, palm trees and coconuts… summers spent on the beach always make us dream. An emblem of a relaxing vacation is enjoying a quality artisanal gelato while sitting on golden sand! Speaking of coconuts, did you know that just one plant can produce 100 fruits a year and each one of these takes a whole year to completely ripen? Torronalba has gained secret expertise of this exotic fruit and has used it to make the new variegate Delizia di Cocco (Coconut Delight): an irresistible specialty, with an intense and delicate flavour, and with a soft texture. The variegate is made with a white chocolate sauce, shredded coconut and a waterfall of crunchy almond pieces: a tempting combination that is refreshing for the palate. For this reason, it pairs perfectly with Torronalba’s white chocolate gelato flavour, available both as a flavour paste as well as a complete product. The former is to be used with a dosage of 80/100 grams for each litre of mix, whereas the latter is to be prepared by mixing one bag of product with 2,2 litres of boiling water. Whichever solution you decide to use, the flavour celebration is guaranteed! Delizia di Cocco is available in 2-can cartons, where each can contains 3 kgs of product. The white chocolate flavour paste comes in the same size of packaging, whereas the complete product comes in 1,5 kg bags and each carton contains eight bags. Delizia di Cocco and White Chocolate: together they will allow you to offer a unique gelato flavour, taking your clients on a sensorial trip dreaming of sandy beaches and pristine oceans. A coconut flavour celebration TORRONALBA 172