PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

energy saving, innovative materials will be the leitmotifs of the exhibition. Skilled meetings will be organized around these themes and consultancy services on the various topics will be available through experts, including international ones. By involving the exhibiting companies consultants will know how to concretely advise entrepreneurs that want to benefit from new opportunities regarding change, tax relief and ecological transition. A space will be dedicated to German-speaking gelato makers, and within this area the meetings and topics offered will be in German. The “Green Award - 2nd Edition” will be awarded again this year: one to the most sustainable booth and one of the best sustainability communication in the industry. Mig is the first trade fair event of the season dedicated to the world of artisanal gelato. Everyone in the industry knows that being there means being the first to intercept customer demands. This year, Mig’s proposal to rediscover a key event for gelato makers all over Europe continues: over 60 years of experience and knowledge of the industry, of changes and challenges. Gelato also attracts new investors and new entrepreneurs from unconventional sectors. Mig wants to meet them in order to introduce and guide them to the culture and knowledge of artisanal gelato by emphasizing not only the production stages but also the origin of raw materials, thus highlighting a new concept of date certain traceability of ingredients. In a dedicated area, under the auspices of the gelato makers’ associations, ingredients will be processed with machines and quality products offered by the exhibiting companies. Among the scheduled events there will be the historic “Coppa d’Oro” competition now in its 52nd edition (this year showcasing the Malaga flavour), the “Gelato a due” competition, conferences and technical- professional meetings. Sustainability in all its forms Date certain traceability, processing steps, certified guarantee of the finished product, eco-sustainability, The relaunch of an ancient passion MIG 27 - 30 November 2022 - WWW.MOSTRADELGELATO.COM/EN 184