PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Artisanal gelato is living an incredibly positive moment, even though it remains a simple product that is affordable and is an excellent value for money. Do you agree with this assessment and what future do you foresee? I do share this evaluation, but I think that “simplicity” is very hard to achieve and obtaining it remains a complex challenge. You recently became a Brand Ambassador for Mielizia. Why did you accept, and which project do you intend to develop with this role? I enthusiastically accepted this project because I believe that it is a company/consortium that reflects my values, my ethic and my project of searching for excellent raw ingredients. Honey is a part of my daily life, and it could never not be a part of my sweets. I would like to promote as best as I can Mielizia’s reality so to make known its excellent products to the general public. 19