PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

FAIRS the world, opened the Gelato Arena with his talk “Points of view”. “I am happy to be here in the presence of so many professionals”, he commented. “Those who could not be present here today will return, as this is our home. I believe that the start of this tradeshow today is one of the strongest indications that we could give to the entire industry to say that we are here, we’ve been here, and we will be here”. The puntoIT stand was the catalyst of a rich program of initiatives: starting with Breaking News, which every evening offered the most relevant news of the day, and including the exclusive interviews with professionals and entrepreneurs broadcasted through social media. “Driving the change” was the title of the talk show conducted by Franco Cesare Puglisi at Sigep’s Vision Plaza, during which the phases of the important communication campaign “Artisanal Italian Sustainable” were presented in support of artisanal gelato. The editor also organized and conducted the event “Rosa di gusto!” at the Pastry Arena with Alessandra Mion and Ernst Knam who presented the “Frau Knam” brand, highlighting the importance of building an entrepreneurial project not only “in real life” but also on social media. There were lots of emotions for the 15th edition of the Comunicando award by puntoIT, an event dedicated to communication within the Gelato and pastry industry, returning to Sigep after two years of “forced absence”. A jury of experts examined 270 campaigns published on specialized magazines between 2020 and 2021 and it proclaimed 14 winners. The Unica award was given to Disìo for its ad “Lamarenarossa – Rosso Profondo” (Deep Cherry Red) and to Medac for its campaign “Everything that you can imagine is real”. A breath of fresh new developments From the Pastry Arena’s stage, the maestro Iginio Massari announced the birth of the APEI association, Ambasciatori Pasticceri dell’Eccellenza Italiana (Ambassador Pastry Chefs of Italian Excellence). The goal is to unite multiple experiences and skills, creating synergies between the areas of pastry, chocolate, gelato and business. In this way, in a not-so-distant future the different specialties can become an intrinsic heritage for every professional. The association also aims to spread the art of Italian sweets throughout the world. 32