PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Themed decorations with walnuts and caramelized sugar Gelatine marbled with honey Walnut praline pieces Honey semifreddo Cookie-crumb crust with Nocino liquor syrup Honeymoon Suitable for… Single portions, cakes, loafs on a baking sheet Amounts required for two 30x20 cm moulds, h 4 cm HONEY-FLAVOURED ITALIAN MERINGUE INGREDIENTS • Egg whites 500 g • Sucrose 600 g • Honey 150 g • Water 125 g Follow the traditional procedure, treating honey like you do sugar. SEMIFREDDO • Fresh cream with 35% fat content 1500 g A • Pastry cream 300 g B • Honey-flavoured Italian meringue 1400 g C RECIPE AND COMPOSITION Prepare the mould by breaking up cookies and placing them on the bottom. Flavour the cookies with a sugar syrup or an alcoholic-syrup using Nocino liquor, and cool in blast freezer. Line the inner border of the mould with an acetate cake collar. Prepare the honey-flavoured Italian meringue. Delicately mix the meringue with the pastry cream until well blended. Whip the cream to soft peaks in a stand mixer and add it to the rest of the mix one spoon at a time as to not deflate the mixture. Portion the semifreddo into the mould until it is half full. Sprinkle the surface with a layer of walnut pralines, then finish filling the mould with another layer of semifreddo. Place the mould in the blast freezer until hardened throughout. SUMMARY Prepare honey-flavoured meringue. Unite B + C. Whip A and add to mixture. Arrange dessert following instructions. DECORATION Once the semifreddo has hardened, cover it with a layer of neutral gelatine that’s been marbled with honey. Extract it from the mould, form loafs and position them on top of cake board to be sold. Decorate accordingly. STORAGE If the decorated product has been blast-frozen, it can be stored in the display case at -19°C for two weeks. If it has been blast-frozen to its core (for example: at -32°C for 1 hour) it can be stored in a storage freezer set at -19°C for 3 months. ON THE MARKET The whipped product A can be substituted with a semifreddo base product with a neutral flavour. INTERESTING NEWS Depending on the type of honey used, the flavour of the final cake will change. For example, millefiori honey/neutral flavour; chestnut honey/ distinct flavour. 45