PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

EVENTS Gelato, what passion! Amongst memories, social commitment and hope for the future, the Identità di Gelato session was held. Regarding the theme of memories linked to the desire to make known a territory though gelato, Luigi Buonansegna presented his idea of a snack made with a sandwich and gelato. Brioche Tropezienne stuffed with Malaga gelato and walnut pralines was offered by Alain Locatelli, the result of his training journey at boulangerie and viennoiserie. Chef Viviana Varese illustrated her new project “Io sono VIVA dolci e gelati” (I’m ALIVE sweets and gelato), born during the pandemic period, that unites the research of gelato with the desire to do something for those in need. In the gelato and pastry shop female domestic-abuse survivors work. The daily activity in the production kitchen and knowledge of one’s own territory were at the centre of the speech by Maria Chiara Sanna, whereas Rossella De Vita, Vincenzo Fiorillo and Stefania Urso retraced the birth of the “gelato created by the bees”, that is, the laborious research to use honey in gelato recipes. Finally, Fabrizio Fiorani concluded with a lesson on vanilla-flavoured soft serve gelato. Variations of pasta The event always has a significant space dedicated to the Identità di Pasta session, considering the importance this food has for Italy. This year, the chefs embarked on a sort of trip around the world drawing on traditions, contamination and different cultures. One example Creation by Viviana Varese 54