PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

of this double offer was made by Matias Perdomo and Arianna Consiglio with an egg-pasta ravioli realized with spinach striping, filled with sheep’s milk ricotta, next to Fideuà, with a preparation that is very similar to making paella but using fideos, or broken-up spaghetti, instead of rice. Jessica Rosval and Zouhaira Mahmoudi proposed their version of cous cous, obtained by mixing wheat semolina, the same with which pasta is made, with various flours derived from peas, fava beans, lentils, and chickpeas, together with juices from various fruits. Cristina Bowerman focused on classic Roman cuisine with a Carbonara, overturning the delivery version changing the format of the pasta and some of the ingredients. Pietro Leemann and Sauro Ricci tested themselves with turmeric Spätzle with a bitto cheese sauce and topped with powders made from kale, red cabbage and butternut squash, to give a new texture and colour to vegetarian cuisine. Room for cheese An ingredient for many dishes, sprinkled on top of pasta to give flavour, served by itself before dessert: thanks to a dedicated session at Identità Milano, cheese found space to establish a dialogue between quality Italian cheese producers and the foodservice industry. Instead of offering signature dishes like Riccardo Forapani and Michele Casadei Massari did, Davide Oldani explained his “Cheese cart”, the result of his selection of producers. To the customers in his restaurant, he offers different varieties every two weeks, which represent the complex and fascinating landscape of Italian cheeses. It is a selection that chooses a small quantity but of enormous quality. The pastry chef Carmen Vecchione performed a preparation of a robiola-cheese based dessert perfectly paired with a raspberry compote. Creation by Cristina Bowerman Creation by Carmen Vecchione 55