PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Select an Abate Fetel pear with perfect ripeness, that is, with a firm and elastic consistency. It should be suitable to be sliced, then the slices should be able to fold without breaking. First and foremost, thoroughly wash the fruit, then cut it transversally so to obtain round slices. Set the slicer to obtain slices that are two millimetres thick (naturally, this depends on the degree of the pear’s ripeness). Place vanilla or fiordilatte gelato on the bottom of the glass sundae cup, cover it completely with whipped cream, in which the slices of pears that have been delicately folded into two will be set. EXPERT TIP. The advantage of working with this fruit lies in the fact that it is possible to find various variations thanks to the different, brilliant colours of the peel. ALTERNATIVE. The pear carpaccio can be placed on a wooden cutting board and accompanied by pieces of Grana Padano cheese, nuts and honey. Photo by KamranAydinov on Freepik 57