PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Tunisia has always been near to Italy, both territorially and culturally. Intense commercial activities, huge opportunities for tourism, and exchanges of workers between the two countries have strengthened these ties over the last decade. Italian artisan gelato is a product that is strongly integrated into the food culture of Tunisia today. An Academy - part of the Accademia Bigatton network - has been established in Monastir through the good offices of an Italian gelato entrepreneur of historic importance and Bigatton’s exclusive local distributor, Foued Brahem, and is now able to help all local or foreign entrepreneurs who wish to develop the quantity and quality of their sales. The courses are run in French by Foued Brahem and by the peripatetic masters of the Accademia Bigatton. Tunisia: an historic presence ACCADEMIA BIGATTON 72