PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

with crunchy pieces of wafer. 80 years alongside professionals This year, Aromitalia reaches an important stage in its history: 80 years marked by constant growth. Since 1942, the company offers a complete range of products designed to support the daily work of gelato chefs in a concrete way. The most classic recipes reflect tradition, and they aim to enhance the complementarity of the different ingredients that are mixed together. These are joined by an offer of innovative creations, obtained by seeking excellency in raw ingredients and the combination between them. The quality of the products and the technical knowledge acquired by the company are the foundation that allow gelato chefs around the world to learn the true art of artisanal gelato. The goal is to accompany them in their discovery of the culture of artisanal gelato, helping the constantly grow of their business. Aromitalia presents Amorette (“sweet love”), a new line of creams with irresistible flavours that will satisfy the sweet tooth of all ages. Perfect for use in gelato and pastry, they are characterized by an important trait: they always remain soft and easy to use at any temperature. They can be served as-is, used as a garnish, or poured directly into the cone. They are perfect for creating appetizing “cremino”, to be spread into layers alternated with gelato directly in the pan. They are also ideal when used as a filling for desserts. The Amorette are available in six flavours. The original version is Amoretta, a classic cream that unites the elegance of hazelnuts with the intense flavour of chocolate. Then there is Pistachio Amoretta, a very versatile cream with a delicate flavour. Completing the range is Black Amoretta, made with dark chocolate; White Amoretta, with delicate milky notes and made with white chocolate; and last but not least, Waferino Amoretta, enriched Infinitely soft AROMITALIA 74