PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

The development of the new line of Babbi B-Free products comes from the company’s desire to grasp and analyze every signal coming from the market, to offer solutions that meet the consumer’s dietary habits and their requests, constantly evolving both for health and cultural needs. Babbi B-Free communicates a clear concept: “free” as “without”, something less but with an added value. This new range includes indeed all the new Babbi ingredients marked by the nutritional claim of No Added Sugars. The Latte B-Free and Frutta B-Free bases contain all the Babbi knowhow linked to technological product innovation. In fact, these are gelato bases developed with the only use of polyols as sugars’ substitutes, specifically maltitol: complete and without aromas, the structural yield of both bases is guaranteed by an emulsifying-stabilizing core suitable for the hot and the cold process, supported by a mix of vegetable fibers and flours; Base Latte B-Free is also enriched with powdered cream. Golosa Peanut Butter B-Free is a soft and velvety sauce that not only hides a unique and intense taste, but also presents a refined and Free to B-free BABBI innovative formulation: the use of cocoa butter and peanuts as the first and only characterizing ingredient gives to this Golosa a dense and full-bodied structure. The new Babbi B-Free family is also enriched by two complete products that are the result of the company’s desire to innovate two historic lines of complete powder ingredients, such as Lattelatte and Fruttafrutta. We are talking about an “evergreen” taste like the Lattelatte Yogurt B-Free and a more refined proposal like the Fruttafrutta Matcha B-Free: the last contains the precious Matcha tea which gives the sorbet all the taste of this finest raw material, with no added aromas or vegetable fats; Lattelatte Yogurt B-Free allows the creation of a yogurt gelato in a quick and easy way, with the only addition of milk. 76