PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

This is how the entire line of Babbi Pistachio products is made and is now signed with the new seal “Passione e Selezione Pistacchio Babbi” (Passion and Selection): pure pastes, elegant creams, high-quality pieces, exclusive wafers with pistachio cream. Babbi pistachio pastes differ from one another according to their specific blend of pistachios, the degree of toasting and their refinement. The experience in processing nuts has led the company to select the best Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP (PDO-certified pistachios from Bronte region) and to adorn its products with the Babbi’s quality guarantee. This is how Babbi ingredients turn into exquisite creations in the most prestigious gelato and pastry shops as well as in the kitchens of the haute-cuisine restaurants all over the world. For Babbi, pistachio is a family passion. A passion that after seventy years of business still fascinates us; seventy years of selecting the best raw materials, of continuous and meticulous search for quality. This passion, this astonishment, this wonder still belongs today to the fourth Babbi generation that is currently working in the company. Only pistachios that deserve to become Babbi Pistachios are meticulously selected, using the most advanced technologies in the processing of ingredients. Each phase is guided by expert hands that know how to select, toast, refine and work this precious ingredient in order to create unique masterpieces. Pistachio: the art of selection BABBI 78