PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

The centuries-old tradition of Vayra (historic company of Ferrara, Italy, founded in 1905) and the experience of the Emendatori family in the world of artisanal gelato have joined forces: two pillars of the Italian gelato culture thus become a single reality. Vayra is one of those companies that has lived and contributed to the history of its territory, since the time when the founder Mario Vayra produced cones and syrups in his small workshop in Ferrara. Giordano Emendatori’s nickname is “the gelato maker of gelato makers”. He is the mentor of E&V1905 and a protagonist together with his son Gian Maria. The Emendatori family has been leading the artisanal gelato market for over 40 years. Emendatori&Vayra1905 was founded with the idea that gelato should be one of life’s little pleasures. It has the power to bring people together and bring a smile to their faces. For this reason, the company thinks gelato should be a moment of joy not only for those who taste it, but also for those who make it. The company wants to be an ambassador of a gentle and sustainable revolution in the industry, making the distribution of gelato products easier, faster, more varied and more fun. Ambassadors of sweetness EMENDATORI & VAYRA 1905 Its customers are true partners who actively participate in the study of new creations with ideas and suggestions. E&V1905 also offers the possibility to customize products, giving the opportunity to choose from a wide range of preparations that are always different and innovative. One of the things that makes it unique is the speed with which it takes care of orders. Knowing that timing is key when it comes to gelato, the company is committed to providing a timely delivery service worldwide. Its catalogue is one of the most complete and versatile in the industry and it includes products for gelato, pastry, chocolate, cafés and bars, as well as many others for various confectionery applications. And its production techniques are revolutionizing the way gelato is made, with bases developed to be cold processed (that is, without using a pasteurizer) allowing you to achieve greater benefits in terms of quality of the finished gelato, practicality in the preparation of mixes, recipe optimization for each flavour, and at the same time to obtain savings in terms of processing times, water consumption and, in general, energy savings. 98