PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

Lemon seduction FUGAR A flavour that conquers the palate The new Bagne Cake liqueurs infuse desserts with an elegant and harmonious balance both in taste and aroma. Formulated with less than 5 proof alcohol content, they accentuate the flavours and fragrances of desserts and cakes with the same aromas that define them. They are available in four different essences: Ciambella, Lemon Delight, Apple Pie and Crostata. So an apple pie will have an even more intense and enveloping apple cider fragrance. Lemonflavoured desserts will have an accentuated typical aroma, with refreshing notes of citrus. The Crostata will capture your senses with an enveloping bouquet made of butter, apricots and baked pastry dough scents. The line of cake liqueurs is completed with the Ciambella one which strengthens the unique sensations and flavours of traditional ciambella, making them irresistible. Fugar’s Gusto Cream Lemon is a flavouring paste designed to define gelato and pastry specialties with the characteristic aroma of the most sought-after citrus fruit. It has a smooth and silky texture, and it is made with lemon juice without any citric acid. Thanks to these characteristics, it releases the flavour and aroma of lemon in all mixtures, without deflating whipped creams, mixes and batters. It is a fundamental flavour in desserts such as “Lemon Delight” and “Torta della nonna”. It is perfect for flavouring yogurt-flavoured gelato or soft serve. 112