PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

Constant evolution Gelatitalia was born in 1982 as a brand of Granulati Italia, specializing in the production and distribution of ingredients for gelato and pastry industries. Starting with the first powder products for fruit gelatos, the company constantly expanded its catalog to offer a complete range of semi-finished ingredient products in continuous evolution, in compliance with the most important international standards of quality and food safety: this is how the lines of lactose-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and organic products were born. Its production It is impossible to resist the Gnam! line of creams by Gelatitalia. They have an irresistible taste and a very creamy texture, making them true must-have items for gelato shops. These creams are available in various flavours, from the most classic ones to the more elaborate ones. It ranges from the traditional offer of hazelnut, pistachio, dark chocolate and white chocolate, and it also includes trendy flavours like “mou salè” (salted caramel). Joining the classic Gnam! line are the delicious and irresistible Gnam! Crock spreadable creams, enriched with crunchy mix-ins. This year, the range is considerably expanded, adding three intriguing new variations joining Gnam! Bonita and Gnam! Caramelized Hazelnuts. With an exclusive citrus flavour, Gnam! Lemon Crock is enhanced with crunchy biscuit pieces whereas Gnam! Crock Salè Chocolate is studded with a river of salted hazelnut pieces. The line is completed with Gnam! Crock Cokita made with milk chocolate and inviting coconut flakes. All products of the Gnam! line are versatile and are an ideal addition for many sweets. For example, they can be swirled into a gelato or can create inviting “cremino” in the pan. They are perfect for filling crepes, also thanks to the dispenser on the tin. But it does not end there. These creams are also indicated for making semifreddo and they can be used both as a topping or as an insert inside the preparation. Deliciously creamy GELATITALIA plants are constantly improved with the latest technologies, such as the spraying and ultrasonic microencapsulation system of fatty materials, which allows for the extended preservation of the products’ organoleptic properties. Gelatitalia has obtained numerous certifications, including the FSSC 22000, an international standard which guarantees the respect of HACCP rules in every processing phase. The company has also obtained FDA certification, allowing for its products to be exported to the United States. 114