PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

and adds a touch of class to Cristal Tower’s design. Just touch the icons to adjust the temperature and lights. The Dual Temperature function, another standard feature, makes it simple to switch from the freezer setting to the refrigerator one, allowing you to manage a wider range of products based on the season. The door is equipped with an ergonomic steel handle that extends for the entire height of the case, and it has an automatic closing feature allowing for a quick closure. The decompression valve allows for multiple openings without any problems. And thanks to the heated glass chambers on the front and sides, condensation is no longer a problem, even in particularly-difficult atmospheric situations. Particular attention has also been given to the environment. The refrigeration system utilizes R290, a natural refrigerant. The system was designed with a high efficiency hermetic compressor and an electronic ventilator, meaning less vibrations and lower noise levels together with greater energy efficiency. The natural CO2 foam insulation guarantees an excellent product conservation and a reduction of energy consumption. Cristal Tower is Isa’s range of vertical display cases designed to ensure the perfect visibility of pastry, gelato and chocolate products. This result has been achieved thanks to a series of aesthetic design elements together with advanced technological developments. The ample amount of display space within the case is visible from all four of its sides. This range of cases is characterized by generously-sized glass panes and tempered glass shelves that can be adjusted in height. The evaporator is positioned at the bottom of the case, ensuring that nothing obstructs the view of your creations. The lighting system consists of four continuous led strips which provide for uniform light (there are two strips in the static version). The “Tunable” function, which is a standard feature, allows for the millimetric adjustment of the light tone through a special app available for Android and iOS. The touch screen display is integrated into the glass front panel Sweeping views ISA 122