PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

Ital Dairy is the first factory of ingredients and semi-finished products for gelato in the Emirates. High quality Italian recipes and ingredients are processed under the supervision of Italian staff with very long experience and technology from an Italian company. The wide range of semi-finished products available includes bases for Italian gelato of different dosages and for hot and cold processing, bases for industrial ice cream and ready-to-use powdered products for soft ice. Furthermore, the company’s range is enriched with classic and concentrated fruit pastas, innovative and modern pastas accompanied by variegations and cremini with classic and local flavours. Thanks to its strategic position, Ital Dairy can export very quickly throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa and the company is open to distribution requests in these areas. Ital Dairy offers all its long experience to gelato makers for the development of their businesses. Anil Yadav - Sales and marketing manager. Warehouse. Office. Haccp certificate. Develop your business ITAL DAIRY 124