PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

EDITORIAL THE ITAL IAN MAGAZINE FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS IN GELATO, PASTRY AND TRENDY FOOD-AND-DRINK Year 12 - No. 33 - JANUARY 2023 - € 1.00 International contexts are still restless. Energy and raw material costs have skyrocketed; inflation shows no sign of abating. The ECB and the Fed try to counteract rising prices by raising interest rates. Questionable decisions, to say the least. Consumers already tried by the “high costs of living” see the costs of mortgages and loans increase heavily. Same story for small businesses, of which the food industry represents a substantial part. The result: everyone consumes less. And yet, as already highlighted last semester, “food” is going strong. We have continued participating in several international tradeshows, gathering opinions and verifying the situation. Made in Italy products, especially the ones dedicated to artisanal sweets, are growing strongly and are appreciated globally. Now, we are starting again with our “exhibition tour”, stopping in Lyon for Sirha, in Rimini for Sigep and in Warsaw for Expo Sweet. We will bring, as always, “lightning bolts” of Italian artisanal confectionery culture around the world. We continue to move forward with determination with our work. In this issue, you will find many interesting offerings, with the cover and the opening interview dedicated to Marco Venturino, “gelato chef of the year”, who jumped to the top of the world ranking of Gelato Festival World Masters. Then, you will find recipes, curiosities, the proposals of many companies. In synthesis, this is the new puntoItaly, which has reached and exceeded eight thousand subscribers scattered in the four corners of the globe. Of this, we are very proud. As usual, we will see you at the upcoming tradeshows or online at www.puntoitaly.org. Keep up the hard work and Happy New Year to all! Forwardwithdetermination! 9