PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

Unica by Lawer is a sophisticated dosing system for powdered ingredients that ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency in the laboratory preparations. It automatically manages and doses micro ingredients for food recipes such as desserts, gelato, bread and pizza, without the need for operators to carry out the operations manually in the laboratory. Thanks to this advanced equipment it is possible to obtain a series of exclusive advantages. First of all, the weighing of the ingredients that make up the recipe can be repeated indefinitely without errors: the “human error” component is definitively eliminated. In this way constant product quality is guaranteed. Furthermore each operation is recorded and stored in the machine management software, thus allowing total production traceability. All this makes it possible to optimize company management. The right and constant dosage of raw materials allows cost control, fewer errors, less costs, more quality on the finished product. Automatic weighing LAWER Dosing correctly enables the control and planning of raw material purchases, reducing stocks and therefore reducing costs. Production times are optimized, hours and costs for laboratory personnel are reduced. And that’s not all. Thanks to Unica, it will be possible to produce the required recipes without knowing their composition. In this way you protect your creativity and the know-how developed. of powder ingredients 126