PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

Quella, the queen of spreadable creams for gelato, meets for the first time the crunchy and aromatic force of fruit, and presents itself in an exclusive version that will conquer all its fans: Quella ChokoFrù. This delicious mix of aromas and textures is proposed in two new flavours. They are ideal when used as a variegate, perfect for a filling and ready to enhance every creation with new layers of creamy crunchiness. In Quella Raspberries & Hazelnuts, the taste of milk chocolate is combined with crispy bursts of candied hazelnut pieces and refreshing dehydrated raspberries, creating an overwhelming game of textures. New evolutions of taste and crunchiness characterize Quella Orange&Almonds, the result of the combination of a dark chocolate cream, almond brittle and orange-flavoured crumbles. It is perfect in layers, to create delicious cremini, crunchy variegates or intriguing flavour combinations. It is available in boxes with 2 5,5-kg cans. For information: www.mec3.com MEC3 The queen of creams is even more irresistible than ever 134