PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

customer doesn’t have to do anything else but extract it, fold it along the dotted line on both sides, and… with these few steps, they have made the Spoon2FlyTM gelato spoon. Comfortable and ultra-resistant thanks to the ergonomic shape of the winged handle, it is ready to take flight with your gelato. And after it has been used, it can be disposed of together with the lid in the paper recycling, thus in full harmony with nature. Lid2FlyTM and Spoon2FlyTM reflect the design philosophy of all Medac’s takeaway containers, which can be summarized in a few, simple words: highlight artisanal gelato while fully respecting nature. What are you waiting for? Make your gelato fly with Medac! Eyes to the sky! Do you see it? It is the Spoon2FlyTM gelato spoon, which has just taken off from the Lid2FlyTM lid, and it is ready to help you enjoy your irresistible gelato! This is the new, great, “green” innovation from Medac: brilliant and environmentally friendly, as always. Environmentally friendly because it is completely made of paper: no plastic, bioplastic, or wood: just paper. But let’s proceed in order and examine in detail this revolutionary creative idea. Lid2FlyTM is a lid for takeaway gelato cups developed with the Medac’s Uno x Due concept, which means it can be used on two different-sizes cups, that is the 140 ml (100C cup) and the 166 ml (125C cup). On the inside, there is a special blank: the Identified flying object! MEDAC YOU OPEN TURN EXTRACT FOLD 142