PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

In a gelato production laboratory, equipment such as batch freezers, pasteurizers, blast freezers, display cases and other machinery all have motors with water-cooled condensers, which guarantees better performance while reducing both noise and heat. However, this equipment has to be cooled, in general, and this cooling process continuously uses water. Without an economizer, this can generate a considerable amount of daily costs. In addition, the potable water used to cool the equipment is disposed of as wastewater, and this is not a conscious use of the most valuable resource for our lives. Salvalacqua, a Brx brand, for some years has been designing and producing water economizers with a unique closed-circuit system with a closed vessel, which allows for the cooling of the water-cooled motors of your gelato shop’s equipment without the continuous use of water. The system does not need to be connected to the plumbing system; it does not consume water; it does not produce limestone; it does not require frequent maintenance; it allows for your equipment to operate efficiently because the water temperature is maintained at a constant temperature of 12/14° C. And above all, it allows for you to save water 100%. The Salvalacqua economizers stand out thanks to their efficiency and for their convenience. They are available in different versions, so that they can be installed in any available area of your gelato shop. The new model, Compat, consists of just one unit to be installed inside, which occupies a minimum amount of space being only 65 x 65 cm and less than 2 meters tall. It is connected to an external unit with just one single vent tube, which can be very long to suit your needs. There are various versions, each perfect for whatever your specific power requirements are, or to fit the amount of space available. Customized solutions can also be designed for large production laboratories. More information can be requested by contacting info@salvalacqua.com A cooling system... without water SALVALACQUA 158