PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

Italian Trade Agency. In this exceptional setting, the leading competitions will take place on both an Italian and an international level, such as the European selections for the Gelato World Cup, challenges between pastry chefs and the coronation of the Pastry Queen 2023. These occasions cannot be missed where the Maestros of the sweet arts will be called to express the best of their abilities while each time being inspired by a specific theme: ranging from the great classics of animated movies to the nuances of the Amazon’s nature, all the way up to confronting the genius of Leonardo. There will also be Bread in The City, dedicated to bread bakers, as well as the seven final rounds of Italy regarding specialties of the coffee world. Among the multiple competitions that will animate the Sigep 2023 Arenas, we want to remind you of: Gelato Europe Cup (January 21 and 22, Dolce Arena), Italian Pastry Championship for Italian Juniores and Seniores (January 21 and 23, Pastry Arena), Pastry World Championships Juniores (January 24 and 25, Dolce Arena), Pastry Queen World Championship (January 24 and 25, Dolce Arena), Bread in The City (January 22, Bakery World Cup, Bakery Arena), Sigep Giovani (January 25). For the most updated and complete calendar of events: www.sigep.it The best of the out-of-home food industry will meet at the Rimini Convention Centre from January 21 to 25 for the 44th edition of Sigep – the Dolce World Expo, by Italian Exhibition Group. The international tradeshow for artisanal gelato, pastry, chocolate, baking and coffee will take place simultaneously with the 7th edition of A.B. Tech Expo. Not only will it reveal the latest products and the most updated market analyses, but it will also give value to master artisans thanks to a full calendar of challenges and competitions taking place in dedicated Arenas set up at the Rimini exhibition centre. Sigep’s entire premises will host its industries while boasting partnerships with the most important artisan and business associations, with Maestro pastry and gelato chefs and with the Major international competitions return SIGEP 21 - 25 January 2023- HTTPS://EN.SIGEP.IT/ 166