PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

INTERVIEW on social media. A huge gratification for my job. I suggest all gelato makers to try and undertake the challenge of competing in tournaments and competitions. Sooner or later, an opportunity can arise for everyone. How much has your family influenced your success? My family has had a huge impact. We are a very tight team, my wife, my daughter and me. We play as a team and three heads think and play better than one. Marco, how has your life changed after your success with Gelato Festival World Masters? It has changed a lot. Professionally speaking, the popularity gained from the Gelato Festival title substantially increased the amount of work, bringing us to results much higher than those before Covid. As far as the media aspect is concerned, it was a real revolution. I was launched into a crazy world, going through dozens and dozens of interviews, tv and radio appearances both in Italy and abroad, as well as being on newspapers and popular magazines. A real boom in views 22