PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

Which was the most important professional intuition of your career? Definitely it was having come up with “Liguretto”, my lemon and basil sorbet, and having registered it. This flavour opened many institutional doors, starting with my region. It has been considered an excellency of our territory, which has given value to Liguria both nationally and internationally. And I’m very proud of that. The most significant professional mistake of your career? I don’t have any specific regrets, perhaps always having a humble approach to the things that gradually happened around me. But if I had been more arrogant, I wouldn’t have been me. I leave arrogance to others; I think it is always a sign of weakness. What is Marco Venturino’s main goal for the future? To become a judge in gelato competitions both nationally and internationally, and to offer my gelato in restaurants. A perfect marriage of good food with excellent artisanal gelato. 25