PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

RECIPES THE NEW AESTHETICS By Pierpaolo and Riccardo Magni Images by Francesca Lazzarini F2 Studio These pages present a recipe from the book “Reverse fusion. For a (delicious) Gelato Style”, which gathers the creations invented by gelato Maestros Pierpaolo and Riccardo Magni. It intends to present one of the top Italian excellencies with a contemporary spin, offering gelato chefs a unique tool to make themselves stand out not only from a flavour stance but also regarding the display of their gelato: a key element to continue to succeed in acquiring more clients. The world of gelato is thus interwoven with the world of pastries, cuisine, ice and chocolate sculptures, giving life to a fascinating exchange of knowledge and flavours. The book, written in collaboration with gelato historian Luciana Polliotti, is published by Editrade, and it is available in English on portalegelato.it. 40