PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

This double corolla flower, formed by a mango with a papaya heart, allows you to create an original dessert in a bowl, replicating a typically Asian style. For this type of slicing, select a mango that is perfectly ripe so that it has a firm and elastic texture. This way each slice can be folded without breaking. The first step is to thoroughly wash the fruit, then cut it lengthwise. Delicately remove the seed without damaging the pulp. Set the slicer to obtain about a two-millimetre thickness (naturally this depends on how ripe the fruit is). Delicately fold the slice in two, then fold it again. To create the heart of the composition, a double corolla flower, start by washing a papaya. Cut it horizontally and use the upper half. With a smooth-blade knife with a sharp tip, carve the petals with semi-circular cuts while exerting a slight undulating movement to realize a wavy petal. Continue with a circular cut inside of the fruit and remove the excess. Thus, the first corolla has been obtained. Repeat the four semi-circular cuts, a second circular cut and remove the excess to obtain the second corolla of petals. Continue in the same manner until you reach the centre of the papaya. Suggestion. The fruit carpaccio can be used to prepare sundae glasses with enticing compositions. 45