PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

image by Freepik image by yuya kitada-unsplash ITALY ABROAD Gelato, too Italian cuisine won the hearts of the Japanese a long time ago and the Land of the Rising Sun has often “Japanized” many specialties that combined recipes from the Boot with local ingredients. Italian companies specialized in ingredients for gelato have long since landed in Japan, where they have found partners ready to welcome great artisanal traditions. Even some historic gelato shops have crossed the ocean to open a shop directly in the most populous cities of the country, Tokyo being first. What is offered in the display case is a happy (and sometimes a bit extravagant) marriage of cultures. Next to typical traditional Italian flavours like Stracciatella, chocolate and hazelnut, you can find unique proposals such as corn, purple sweet potatoes and even ramen. 50