PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

RECIPES with fruit base 50 INGREDIENTS: • water 660 g • sucrose 120 g • dextrose 80 g • dry glucose syrup 30 DE 55 g • inulin 50 g • fruit base 50 34 g • salt 1 g Total 1000 g with fruit base 100 INGREDIENTS: • water 660 g • sucrose 110 g • dextrose 75 g • dry glucose syrup 30 DE 45 g • inulin 40 g • fruit base 100 69 g • salt 1 g Total 1000 g Add 1 g of bay leaf to every kg of gelato INSTRUCTIONS Blend well all the ingredients (except the bay leaf which will be added later), then heat to 85°C in the pasteurization vat. Once the mix has been pasteurized, cool it to 4°C. Add crushed bay leaves and let steep at 4°C covered in the refrigerator for at least twenty-four hours. Strain, then add 125 g of cooked whole grain red rice. Stir into the mix without blending. Pour the mix into the blast freezer and start the freezing program. Extract the sorbet and ribbon with mixed berry sauce. Decorate with bay leaves. Red forest Mixed berry sauce • mixed berries 2000 g • inverted sugar 1400 g • apple pectin 40 g • sucrose sugar 200 g • dry glucose 30 DE 150 g • lemon juice 30 g • xanthan gum 2 g Heat whole berries and inverted sugar to 96°C. Mix well pectin, xanthan gum, sucrose and glucose then add to berry mixture when it reaches 65°C; lastly, add the lemon juice, then cool to 4°C. Use after one day of rest. The sauce can be stored in the refrigerator at 4°C. Whole grain red rice preparation • water 2000 g • whole grain red rice 500 g • dextrose 600 g • salt 4 g Bring water to a boil then add red rice. Wait forty minutes then add dextrose and salt. Cook rice for another thirty minutes. Taste to see if the rice grains are soft, otherwise continue cooking. Drain. Blast chill rice to 4°C and store in the refrigerator at the same temperature. 54