PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

image by Giorgia Doglioni TESTIMONIALS by Giorgia Doglioni It all started in 2013 with Gerry’s idea to move with a friend to Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, after having worked in the artisanal gelato sector. Since the island is part of Europe, the administrative process to open a food establishment is much simpler. And so, a small gelato shop on the beaches of Sainte-Anne was born, where true Italian-style artisanal gelato is made “like in the good old days”. Things go well for the business so, in 2015, his sister Sylvie together with her husband Cristian decide to leave Italy and join Gerry. In this way they can share a magnificent adventure where Italian gelato is king. They decide to move the shop to the main street of the city. The inhabitants of the island didn’t know what true Italian-style gelato was. They were convinced that Gelato “à l’italienne” (as they still call it) was soft serve. Despite this small initial Gerry and Sylvie’s gelato shop rests in a dreamy location and in its ten years of business, it has become an authentic point of reference for those with a sweet tooth in Guadeloupe. Under the Caribbean sun 60