PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

cultural obstacle, Gerry and Sylvie’s gelato quickly starts to win over the residents of Sainte-Anne. After two years of hard work 7 days a week, the Gelato shop changes its look. Gerry and Sylvie purchase an old house on the main street. They renovate it and convert part of it into a gelato shop, which has an amazing large 80-square-metre terrace: the ideal place to welcome, spoil and take care of their clients. The name, Gelato E Cappuccino Maitre Glacier Italien, was not just randomly chosen. In addition to the gelato, they also offer the prized illy-brand coffee in whole beans, used to make an exquisite cappuccino. Gerry and Sylvie truly are ambassadors of Italy’s gelato and coffee culture in Guadeloupe! They also offer breakfast options and homemade sweets that can be easily enjoyed on their terrace. 61