PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

RECIPES Veneto Ingredients for one pizza: • 45 g Demetra white asparagus cream • 70 g mozzarella • 50 g Demetra “Fantasia” vegetable mix • 50 g chicken • Wiberg chives, to taste • salt and pepper, to taste • extra virgin olive oil, to taste INSTRUCTIONS Prepare the chicken by baking it in the oven for a few minutes with oil, salt and pepper. When it is done baking, shred it into large pieces. Top the pizza dough with all the ingredients and bake in the oven. When done, season with chives. For more than a thousand years, between the VII and XVIII centuries, the Veneto region was part of the powerful Venice Republic. It stores thousands of enviable treasures. Many of these are found in the city that represents a dream on water, capable of exuding charm from every corner that cannot be found anywhere else. We are referring to Venice, a city that has been copied in various parts of the world yet remains an unforgettable memory for those who have been lucky enough to admire it in person. Marche Ingredients for one pizza: • 40 g Demetra artichoke and truffle cream • 80 g mozzarella • 70 g Demetra grilled artichokes • 6 slices of PDO Fabriano salami • black truffles from Acqualagna, to taste • Wiberg parsley, to taste INSTRUCTIONS Top pizza with cream, mozzarella and artichokes then bake in the oven. When the pizza is done baking, top with salami, black truffles and parsley. Much of the Marche region is hilly. The villages are mostly located on the summits and the farmland, obtained from sharecropping, is characterized by numerous plots bordered by centuries-old oak trees and spotted with farmhouses. It is one of the areas richest with traditional villages perched on rolling hills, but the region is also known for its 185 kilometres of coast and for its mountains, whose highest peak, Mount Vettore, reaches 2.478 meters in altitude. 66