PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

The base that makes Italian gelato excellent throughout the world is Doppia Panna 100 Bigatton (Double Cream 100 from Bigatton), the polyhedric product that makes it possible to create a mixture for a creamy, stable and always smooth gelato. Doppia Panna 100 Bigatton is a carefully calculated mixture of top ingredients, processed in masterly fashion, to obtain star results. The Accademia Bigatton organisation, a really valuable source of company recipes, is able to advise those who use Doppia Panna 100 in all its applications and processes. Wrapped in practical 2-kg bags, 6 bags to a carton, it has a maximum dosage of 7% as a proportion of the mixture. Its typical taste of slightly vanilla-flavoured cream goes excellently with the majority of recipes created by the gelato maker. Soft and creamy BIGATTON 80