PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

Because of the new worldwide trend in healthy foods, with yoghurt as a leading player, the Bigatton research unit has created a line of semi-finished products devoted to this important segment of the market. The careful selection of raw materials that are impeccable from a health and organoleptic point of view, and their application, tested in the company’s research and development la-boratory with the active help of masters from the Accademia Bigatton, have led to the creation of absolutely unique products that are making a great impact on consumers. This is how Yo Ready was born, devised to create soft and counter-served gelato with all the taste of yoghurt. The base recipe requires the operator to mix 270-300 g of Yo Zero Zero with one litre of cold milk, then leave Great benefits, impeccable taste BIGATTON to rest for ten minutes, and freeze in the traditional way. A variation on this is Yo Supreme, which offers the same inimitable flavour but has a high concentration. The base recipe requires the operator to mix 30 g of Yo Supreme cold with 40 g of Frutta 7 Days, 220 g of sucrose and one litre of whole milk. In this case too, leave to rest for 10 minutes and freeze in the traditional way. An enriched recipe has also been developed that requires the use of 20 g of Yo Supreme, 40 g of Frutta 7 Days, 40 g of dehydrated glucose, 180 g of sucrose, 800 g of whole milk and 200 g of fresh yoghurt. The yoghurt gelato can be embellished with the range of flavourings and decorations contained in the Bigatton catalogue. 82