Andrea Larossa, born in 1980, one Michelin star in the starry city of Alba, offers a “delicious, sentimental, and bold” cuisine at the Larossa restaurant. A local cuisine made of pleasure and pleasures. A mix of eroticism and alchemy like this dessert “Snowy Raspberry&Raspberry”


For 4 people

  • blended raspberries
  • raspberry jam
  • fresh raspberries
  • corn flakes
  • lemon grass milk mousse
  • white chocolate tapioca powder

The creative process

A starred chef certainly has one quality in particular: creativity. This is a term that is used often, but without any explanation. We asked Andrea Larossa what the creative process is for him. “Never dwell too much on the cuisine of other restaurateurs in the area. You risk offering the same things as them. Everything has to come from your head, so convinced by your idea that only a few attempts are needed. Just a few small corrections to perfect what you are creating”.


• fresh raspberries 1000 g
• sugar 250 g
• white chocolate in pellets 250 g
• corn flakes 40 g
• tapioca starch 350 g
• milk 450 g
• lemon grass berries 5
• gelatin sheets 3

Heat the milk to a boil, lightly crush the lemon grass berries with a meat tenderizer, and place them in the hot milk to infuse overnight. In a saucepan, place 500 g of raspberries and 250 g of sugar and cook until a jam is created. Allow to cool. Dissolve 200 g of white chocolate in a bain-marie. Use pincers to dip the corn flakes one by one in the chocolate, then place them on a silicone mat. Chill in the freezer. Blend the remaining 450 g of raspberries in a blender and pass the fruit through a smallmeshed strainer. Set aside. Remove the lemon grass berries from the milk, hydrate the gelatin sheets in cold water, bring the milk to a boil, and then add the gelatin after first squeezing out the water. Strain the liquid and place it in a siphon with two cartridges. Allow it to cool to room temperature and then place it in the refrigerator. Melt 50 g of white chocolate and pour it into 350 g of tapioca starch, stirring with a whisk until it has a smooth consistency.


Pour the blended raspberries onto a plate or in a cup, add some jam, 4-5 fresh raspberries per portion, 5 corn flakes per portion, the lemon grass milk mousse, and finally the white chocolate tapioca powder and serve.

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