PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

Intriguing filling The Caipiroska cocktail brings to mind the warm beaches of Brazil, along with moments of conviviality. It is made with fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice, muddled with herbs and sugar, and topped with vodka. It is considered as a tonic for the body and the spirit. In the transition to a version for gelato and pastry shops, Fugar’s research and development team succeeded in recreating the colours and the flavours of a strawberry Caipiroska in a cream, without any alcohol in the ingredients list. Then, in cooperation with the teachers of Arte Dolce school in Rimini, the team brought to life sweets that can give colour and refreshment to a display case. The flavour pairings are endless. In the gelato shop, it is possible to fill many gelato flavours such as lemon, strawberry, coconut, raspberry, basil… just to name a few. In the pastry shop, the strawberry Caipiroska cream can add a touch of class to a baked dessert, a mousse, or a cake. Fugar has transferred two alcoholic specialities known all around the world, Bellini and Caipiroska, to the world of desserts, offering a touch of intriguing exclusivity to the gelato and pastry shop. Thanks to the creativity of the famous Harry’s Bar’s owner, the Bellini was born in the 1940s in Venice, Italy’s most exotic and sophisticated city. It is a simple preparation, as it is made with only two ingredients: white peach nectar and sparkling wine. The intoxicating aroma of the fruit is what makes the final result so unique. Inspired by this cocktail, Fugar created a delicate cream, which is ideal for decorating cream- and fruit-based flavours tubs in the gelato shop. In the pastry shops, it gives a touch of originality and refined contrast when added to leavened cakes such as Colomba or Panettone. It can make the flavour of a mousse stand out or it can be added as an insert to cakes. Cheers in a tub FUGAR 118