PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

son why it has been certified Remade in Italy®, for being able to combine the respect for the environment with the concept of Made in Italy. Using Styropor® Ccycled™ (chemically recycled plastics) for gelato thermo box not only reduces the carbon footprint by at least 50%, compared to conventional packaging, but also keeps our ice cold. Today Re-Maxigel is made with 63% recycled plastic, but our goal that we are working on is to get to 100%. The raw material for our Re-Maxigel packaging is based on chemically recycled post-consumer plastic waste. Here are the main processing steps. First of all, in a thermochemical process called pyrolysis, the plastic waste is converted into pyrolysis oil, which is fed in at the beginning production and thus partly replaces fossil raw materials. At the end, a mass balance approach is used to assign the recycled content to the end products. The CO2 footprint is lower as well as the consumption of fossil resources. After the use, Re-maxigel can be thrown in the plastic bin with other plastic waste (please check the rules of your country). Re-Maxigel is available in four sizes: 350 g, 500 g, 750 g and 1000 g. Each carton contains 60 pieces. For more information: www.imballaggialimentari.eu Re-Maxigel is the first gelato thermo box made from post-consumer plastic waste, that in turn is totally recyclable. It represents a big step towards sustainability by Imballaggi Alimentari, a company that has always been attentive to the environmental issues. Thanks to substantial investments in R&D, aimed to conceive food packaging more and more environmentally sustainable, Imballaggi Alimentari created the first gelato take away box based on recycled plastic with food contact. And that is not all: Re-Maxigel in turn, can be thrown away into the plastic waste bin to be newly regenerated, thus creating an endless circular economy. This take away box range is the result of a careful and dedicated work that allowed the company to recycle and revalorize waste plastics that, until today, were hardly recovered and recycled. Re-Maxigel is a totally sustainable product, and that is the reaRe-Maxigel: recycled and recyclabe IMBALLAGGI ALIMENTARI 130