PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

shouldn’t be lively! With the limitless offering of non- -alcoholic wines, champagnes and beers, today it is easier than ever to avoid drinking alcohol even during more formal cocktail hours. And with Rogelfrut’s fruit juices and purees, it is really simple! For example, you can make a “Winter” by mixing blood orange juice and mixed berry puree in a blender with lots of ice, to be served in a glass together with tonic water. Or you can offer a “Mango Mule” by blending 15 cl of mango puree, 5 cl of honey syrup, and 5 cl of lime juice with lots of ice, to be served in a glass together with Ginger Beer. If you want to make a “Mannarinu”, all you need to do is mix 15 cl of Ciaculli Late-Season Mandarin juice, 15 cl of apple juice, 2 cl of ginger juice and 3 teaspoons of sugar together with lots of ice. To get many fresh and original ideas, download the complete Cocktail Recipe Book, made in collaboration with Stefano Renzetti, on rogelfrut.com Even in autumn, offering shakes, milkshakes, smoothies and cocktails allow you to satisfy your customer’s desire to enjoy something fresh and different from the usual offer. In particular, cocktails are in constant evolution: alcoholic, non-alcoholic, functional, healthy… every recipe is formulated to offer a unique delight, destined to be remembered. In this lively context, fruit has always played an important role: it gives colour, flavour and it is perceived as a natural and refreshing ingredient. With Rogelfrut’s fruit purees and juices, it is also an element that is easy and ready to use. All items in Rogelfrut’s line of products are without dyes or preservatives, and they can be used as-is once they are thawed. The preservation of the products is guaranteed by the freezing process. Using a product that has not been pasteurized and without additives allows for the creation of beverages and mixes with unique characteristics. Non-alcoholic variation Rogelfrut’s offering of purees and juices is perfect also for making creative mocktails, which are strictly alcohol-free reinterpretations of classic cocktails or original mixes. Just because a mocktail is non-alcoholic, does not mean that it Cocktails, Mocktails and... all the goodness of fruit ROGELFRUT 170