PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

Marco Pedron, Sorbetto di pane Fabrizio Fiorani and Ciccio Sultano From pasta to gelato Much anticipated were the sessions on Pasta and Pizza, which have always been symbols of traditional Italian cuisine. Chefs de cuisine and pizza chefs demonstrated their ability to always invent something different such as ingredient pairings or processing procedures. The sessions on Cocktails gained more and more space, thanks to the strong interest in deepening the relationship between bartending and cooking. Honey, truffles and extra virgin olive oil were the ingredients highlighted in the creations presented during Identità Naturali. The world of desserts proved to be of the utmost level during the Gelato, Contemporary Italian Pastry and Dossier Dessert sessions, which included references to tradition along with movement towards innovation in the creation of gelato, cakes and single portions. 47