PUNTOITALY No33 - January 2023

image by Roberto Ravera image by Freepik Strawberry Cream Gelato INGREDIENTS: • whole milk with 3,5% fat content 1100 g • cream with 35% fat content 650 g • condensed milk with 8% fat content 600 g • sugar 340 g • glucose 29 DE 170 g • cream base 50 with 3,5% fat content 140 g • fresh or frozen strawberry pulp 1000 g TOTAL 4000 g INSTRUCTIONS Mix sugar, glucose and cream base. Add the obtained mixture to milk at room temperature. Add condensed milk, mix well then blend. Heat mix to 85°C, then let cool. Add strawberries, blend well until an even mixture is obtained, then batch freeze to -9/-10°C. 39