PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

High quality and choice ingredients, rigorous and high-tech processes, attention focused on market demands and the needs of professionals. These are the aspects that make Fabbri 1905 an international point of reference in the world of pastry and gelato: a family that for more than 115 years and for five generations has had as its mission to gift moments of happiness, bringing the best of Italy - and of Bologna – to over 100 countries. This philosophy translates into highly innovative and artisanal products, certified according to the most important market standards. For the new season, all eyes will be on the three vases, all with the same shape, which contain the many treasures of the Fabbri house: the iconic and inimitable Amarena Fabbri, the heart and soul of infinite specialties; Fabbri Strawberry, delightful semi-candied small-calibre strawberries in their own syrup; Fabbri Ginger, a spicy delicacy with ginger pieces immersed in a ginger and turmeric syrup. And it is always the uniqueness of Amarena Fabbri which characterizes the launch of the new Amarena Fabbri Brittle, the latest member of the Snackolosi family, a delicious crunchy cream with hazelnut Traditionally irresistible FABBRI 1905 and almond brittle and sour cherry pieces. Chocolate and Pistachio are the two new additions to Glazes and Nappage line, and the Nutty Wow line is expanded with a Dark Chocolate, using an 18% single-origin cocoa from Ghana and a Pistachio with over 30% of pistachios. Furthermore new developments can be found in the Free From products, a philosophy in which the Bologna-based company has always believed and invested: meticulous selection of raw ingredients and attention to the dietary needs of different types of consumers. 96