PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

The elite of chocolate Chocolates by Fugar are produced with carefully selected raw materials. The main ingredients come from the best areas and therefore only quality cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar and milk are used. The supporting aromas and ingredients enhance the flavours and the organoleptic properties. The fruits come from ancient fazendas founded by generations of skilled farmers in the heart of the South American and African equatorial forests. A range of chocolates has taken shape, whose processing phases are supervised and directed by a Maestro who is both a cacaotier, that is, who follows the production of chocolate starting from the fruit, and a chocolatier, that is, who works only with the final product. The range includes: Moon and Auriga white chocolates, Orion caramel-flavoured white chocolate, Venus ruby chocolate, Earth and Sirius milk chocolates, Jupiter dark chocolate, Hercules extra-dark chocolate, single-origin dark chocolates from Sao Tomé and Santo Domingo, and intense 100% cocoa mass. All products are available in 3,7 kg buckets, and each carton contains two buckets. Bouquet of excellence FUGAR Studies, tests and consultations with distillation experts have brought Fugar to create a new Rhum liqueur for elegant pastry preparations. In the Italian tradition, the sublimation of this alcoholic aroma can be understood after having soaked a babà in it, because adding rhum to a leavened dessert like the babà with its spongelike and airy consistency enhances the flavours. When tasting Fugar’s Rhum, the enveloping and intense expression of flavours leads to a satisfying final, without the sensation of alcohol burning the palate. The new liqueur comes from a selected mix of farmer’s rhum from Martinique, made even softer by being sweetened by honey. The olfactory cleaning, essential in alcohol, represents a new point of reference in the market. Fugar’s Rhum Vesuvio Babà has received the title of “Quality Product” by APEI, Ambassador Pastry Chefs of Italian Excellence. 106