PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

EDITORIAL THE ITAL IAN MAGAZINE FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS IN GELATO, PASTRY AND TRENDY FOOD-AND-DRINK Year 12 - No. 35 - JULY 2023 - € 1.00 The world keeps spinning, even with endless problems and struggles; nonetheless, it is business as usual. Very high inflation, questionable monetary decisions with continuous increases in the price of money, situations of war, unstable geopolitical circumstances. And yet, tourism is growing strongly. Italy in particular has overwhelmingly returned to the top of the list of destinations chosen by vacationers, thanks to its artistic treasures, its marvellous cities, its “good food”. Thus, Made-in-Italy food products are also desired throughout the world. The numbers reflect this and all the international events where Italy appears transform into a success. As it has happened in the past, in this issue of puntoItaly we have decided to focus on content where women are the protagonists. Some will comment that these gender distinctions are obsolete and outdated. However, we believe it is beneficial and relevant to place on the international stage the best of our female figures who work in the pastry and gelato arts. First of all, the Pastry Queen 2023 Ilaria Castellaneta, to whom we dedicate our cover and opening article of this issue. She is followed by many suggestions and ideas from other qualified female professionals in the Italian artisanal confectionery industry. Happy reading to all! For everything else, we will see you at the international tradeshows as usual or online at www.puntoitaly.org. Despite everything… 9