PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

Clearly oriented to being international, Mastro Ingredients 1985 aims to spread the culture of Italian artisanal specialties to professionals around the world. Its team offers highly professional support to foodservice companies that want to further develop themselves. The brand offers a complete range of over six-hundred products, included in the Mastro Chef, Mastro Gel and Mastro HoReCa lines. This offer includes quality mixes to make the most loved flavours of artisanal gelato and famous Italian desserts, together with supplies for restaurants and cafés. The products are made with cutting-edge technologies. Mastro Ingredients 1985’s semi-finished products conserve the original aromas of the raw ingredients, and they are developed to simplify the work of professionals as much as possible. Custom formulations Customers who want to distinguish their offer with exclusive delicacies can ask Mastro Ingredients 1985 to develop personalized gelato mixes. It is a trendy way to differentiate yourself with products developed specifically for your target audience. Destination world MASTRO INGREDIENTS 1985 You can opt for products of any consistency or creaminess, classic or plant- based, reduced sugar content or gluten-free… Whatever the request, Mastro Ingredients 1985 will be able to satisfy it! 126