PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

Pure pleasure in nutrient-rich foods MEC3 The rediscovery of nutrient-rich foods, which have returned to being a part of our food habits, also influences the most contemporary trends in the gelato shop. Thanks to a company as innovative as Mec3, the “I Feed Good” specialties are now in the display case, a new development that transforms nutrient-rich foods into pure pleasure to enjoy bite after bite. The exceptional protagonist is the Kefir Paste, the first concentrated paste with fresh Kefir to make rich and full-bodied artisanal gelato: all the flavour of Kefir with its distinctive slightly sour note. Thus, two flavours that have never been seen before are born, with a crunchiness that will win everyone over at first taste: Golden Vitality, which pairs Kefir Paste with Honey & Cereals Cream Variegate, and Green Balance, where Kefir Paste is mixed with the innovative Seeds & Fruit Cream Variegate with dehydrated blueberries and salted caramelized pumpkin seeds. 130