PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

Prontofruit® is the new PreGel’s line of pasteurised full-fruit products – for soft and creamy gelato – that have the intense flavours of the best ripe fruit. Prontofruit® are ready-to-make products that are easy to use as they are reconstituted with the addition of just water. They contain more than 50 percent fruit and are packaged in a practical easy-open tin. These products are chunkfree and are perfect for making soft gelato, soft serve, and ice lollies with the purest flavour of the best fruit. Prontofruit® are sold in 6-packs of 1.8 kg cans and are available in the flavours of strawberry, raspberry, mango, and passion fruit. The juiciest fruit for your gelato PREGEL 146