PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

Relying on its strong know-how, the company is able to offer tailor-made products, both for discontinuous and continuous production (solutions for artisanal gelato/ semi-industrial or industrial ice cream). Unigel’s main strength lies in the high quality of the proposed items and in the flexibility to adapt to customer’s needs, key elements conveyed to prospective customers by means of periodical commercial visits and focussed technical demonstrations aiming at building customer loyalty little by little. Unigel’s proposal includes also the brand Unigumm®, whose offer comprises a wide range of stabilizers and gelling agents in powder form, conceived to meet the requirements of the great food industry by proposing ad hoc blends and easy-to- use products suitable for the most diverse applications, targeting both the confectionery and the catering industries. Solid company in constant expansion, with a long-standing, widespread presence throughout Italy, Unigel is at the same time committed in consolidating its penetration into foreign markets, by steadily organizing itself to respond to the needs of an internationally active enterprise. Unigel’s history has always intertwined with the one of the brand Nordpol®, historic brand of the great Italian artisanal tradition, of which the company represents one of the pillars. Registered in 1936 in Milan the iconic brand, which now boasts more than 80 years of history, was taken over by Luigi Gadda and Fanny Colciago in 1966. Drawing on their earlier experience as Nordpol® managers the two entrepreneurs founded Unigel in the budding industrial hub of Zingonia (province of Bergamo). Now as then, Unigel’s flagship products are the neutrals (i.e. blends of stabilizers and/or emulsifiers) gathered under the brand Nordpol®, the real core ingredients for preparing a quality batch-frozen gelato (“gelato mantecato”). Nowadays, thanks to the technological level reached throughout its past years of activity, experience and commitment, Unigel offers a wide range of diverse products, like neutrals, nuclei, low- and high-dosage bases, pastes, toppings, variegati (rippling sauces), products for soft-serve ice cream, ready-touse products, texture improvers, as well as all the necessary ingredients to obtain a stable, creamy gelato. A selection of ingredients for confectionery completes the commercial proposal. Tradition projected towards the future UNIGEL A brand-new plant A breath of fresh air is blowing in Unigel. The company, pursuing a project of business expansion and production empowerment, has recently moved to new headquarters in Ciserano, very close to Bergamo. The modern, functional facility has been planned to allow the best possible synergy among all the team members; in fact, it gathers the offices, a wide demonstration room, the R&D laboratory, the manufacturing plant and the logistics. Thanks to this operational dynamicity, Unigel once again proves to be even closer to its customers, who have always been valued as business partners. And it is more than ever ready to meet the rising needs of amarket in constant evolution, with the typical creativity which is part of the company identity. 156