PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

3 hours a day, without any loss of quality. This not only saves time, but also up to 30 percent water and electricity,” explains Sposito. “Our way of contributing towards a more environmentally friendly world.” The team from Fabbri will be focusing on three key areas at the trade fair and, together with talented names from the food service industry, demonstrating a number of product highlights: Rosa Pinasco from Gelateria Profumo di Rosa in Genoa will be presenting the company’s artisanal gelato. “Austria’s newly crowned Patissière of the Year, Jaimy Reisinger from Restaurant Artis in Graz, will be showcasing the sweet treats and small desserts at the heart of classic patisserie. We are delighted to have them involved,” says Johannes Roiner from G. Fabbri Deutschland. Both women will be predominantly using vegan products, another area highlighted by Fabbri. Everyone involved in the making and selling of gelato will be coming to Stuttgart (Germany) from 3 to 7 February 2024 for Gelatissimo, the largest trade fair for gelato north of the Alps. Important partner companies have already confirmed their attendance and given a first glimpse of what to expect in Stuttgart. “Eisunion has been exhibiting at Gelatissimo right from the very start” explains Thomas Brück, Managing Director of Eisunion. “Despite the difficulties our industry has experienced these past few years, there was no question about us taking part in 2024 and showcasing our new ideas. Our customers are hungry for more and have high expectations when it comes to Gelatissimo 2024.” The company will be presenting its concept solutions for the sustainable gelato shop and demonstrating a more environmentally conscious business approach that uses recyclable or reusable materials for packaging, scoops and cups. Domenico Sposito, Sales Manager at Carpigiani Deutschland, is one such exhibitor who is very much looking forward to the event. Together with his team, he plans to present their new gelato machines, which have been designed to alleviate the challenges posed by the ongoing shortage of personnel, as well as the financial burden of rising energy costs. “With these new machines, it’s possible to reduce freezing time by almost First look behind the scenes GELATISSIMO 3 - 7 FEBRUARY 2024 - WWW.GELATISSIMO.COM 162