PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

What is your favourite dessert recipe? The cold bases such as mousses, semifreddoes and creams are my favourite preparations for many reasons. First, they offer a wide range of textures that make them interesting and pleasant to taste. Then, they lend themselves to being customized because they are dynamic. I can test new pairings and combine flavours and textures, stimulating my creativity. I don’t have a favourite flavour because I am excited more by the texture rather than the taste, which allows me to play with pairings. I am a person who likes to experiment, I have a lot of fun. If you don’t feel like experimenting, if you are not curious, you will not get ahead in many different areas, not just in pastry arts. What space does artisanal gelato have in your creations? Artisanal gelato, including savoury versions, has ample space in what is my idea of pastry arts. Playing with temperatures and textures, while being attentive to the seasonality of the ingredients, make the sensorial experience of tasting it even more intense and pleasant. Based on the preparations, I pair the type of gelato, which has become an important component in desserts thanks to the contrast between hot and cold. This contrast is interesting for the palate and requires careful studying of how to balance the ingredients. Would you like to deepen your study of artisanal gelato? Can this “cold dessert” conquer more space in foodservice pastry arts? In the months leading up to the Pastry Queen Championship, I was lucky enough to get closer to the world of artisanal gelato with my coach Eugenio Morrone, World Champion of Gelato 2020. I discovered new techniques, balancing and theories on coldness, that encouraged me to study this fascinating world in even more detail. “Cold desserts”, that is, granita, sorbets and gelato, occupy a large space in the foodservice world even during the winter months. Italian-style, artisanal and high-quality gelato is fundamental, bothwhen served alone or when used to complete a dessert. 21