PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

Originally from Mexico, vanilla is cultivated in all tropical regions, from Africa and Oceania. The most prestigious variety, Bourbon, comes from Reunion Island and Madagascar. Many consider it to be the most delicious of all spices, and for this reason it is used to flavour numerous foods, including gelato. Vanilla is the top-selling flavour in the gelato shop and Bigatton has different varieties so that consumers can choose the one they like the most: Vanilla Aromapasta, Vanilla Superpremium, Vanilla Professional, French Vanilla, and Madagascar Vanilla. They are all available in 1.4 kg canisters (12 canisters per carton). Vanilla Aromapasta is also available in 6.5 kg canisters (2 canisters per carton). A touch of class BIGATTON 82